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I'm SaraAnn. I code, I dance, I like fuzzy blankets

I'm a sophomore in the Rutgers Honors College. I'm pursuing my B.S. in Computer Science, with a 3.9 GPA

CS is all about community for me. I'm a university mentor to four freshman, to whom I teach new CS material and give guidance for school. I'm particularly passionate about women's involvement, so I started a program with Rutgers' CS club to partner with local schools and get kids interested early. We supply hackathon mentors, do tech talks, and hold code days where students can work on their first project with our guidance.

I spent this past summer as a research assistant in the development of SOCRATES, a platform for the collection, analysis, and visualization of data from social media. I upgraded the caliber of analysis and implemented activity tracking in the system. This year I continued my role in research on a new project with the NSF, investigating query reformulations to analyze user intent. Research isn't my only interest - I also teach recitations for introductory CS courses

I'm strongest in Java and C, but I've worked in Python as well, and some JavaScript. I also have experience with MongoDB and Flask, and front-end frameworks like Bokeh, Flexbox and Skeleton.

DuckThis, a Chrome extension to filter out curse words on CommitLogsFromLastNight and replace them with hilarious alternatives FinancialKideracy, a kid friendly webapp to teach about speeding abits, investment, and money management

Feel free to browse my work and get in touch!
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