I'm SaraAnn.
software engineer,
tech community leader,
and diversity activist.

I'm a senior pursuing my B.S. in Computer Science in the Rutgers Honors College.

My courses have included Operating Systems, Databases, and Graduate Algorithms, to name a few.

This summer, I'm interning on Twilio's Cloud Orchestration team, building tools to support their global cloud infrastructure. It's been a wonderful challenge, and I'm learning all the time. You can read about some of the work I've done on Twilio's blog!

I'm a member of the hackNY Class of 2017, during which time I interned at Wellthy.

I designed and built a dashboard for use in customer analytics, creating streamlined access to customer case data and distribution of services utilized across groups.

I spent the summer of 2016 as a Rutgers Aresty Research fellow, assisting in the development of SOCRATES, a platform for the collection, analysis, and visualization of data from social media.

With the same team, I continued my role the following year as a National Science Foundation student researcher, investigating query reformulations to analyze user intent.

My greatest passion is advocating for STEM diversity through K12 engagement, which is my focus as the Outreach Director of Rutgers' premier CS club.

I organize teams of mentors for local high school hackathons, and create and participate in panel discussions to get middle schoolers interested in STEM early.

This year, I'm working with MLH to leverage our national community of hackers as a tool to teach kids about the fun of CS through hack demos.

I have experience in Java, C, Python, and SQL. I've used Flask and Django for both personal and professional projects, and am comfortable with Linux and git.

Feel free to browse my work and get in touch!

Resume   sarastanway@gmail.com Github LinkedIn   @SarAnnWrap3